In 1999, the Rhône-Alpes department of Printemps de Bourges created the Tagada Tsoin Tsoin association to respond to the growing development of its activities, link the 8 Rhône-Alpes departments and place its skills at the service of artists and professionals on the whole.

The association now brings together 28 professionals representing the entire sector of current music in Rhône-Alpes: SMACs (current music scenes), festivals, programmers, MJC, labels, etc.

These professionals are united around the same objective: to support groups and artists throughout their professional career.

A Regional Network Of Contemporary Music

Tagada Tsoin Tsoin represents 28 member structures, spread over the eight departments of the region. This territorial network allows 350 to 450 artistic projects to be registered each year as part of the selections for the Discoveries of Printemps de Bourges and Crédit Mutuel… one of the highest figures among the other Antennas in France.

Since the creation of “Découvertes”, more than 70 Rhône-Alpes groups have been selected by Tagada Tsoin Tsoin and Printemps de Bourges (including the Louis Trio Affair, Virago, Hightone, Prohom, Brain Damage, DJ Flore, La Tropa, Amélie les Pencils, Redbong, Paral.lel, BR OAD WAY, Antiquarks, Karimouche, Fowatile…).

For eight years, Tagada Tsoin Tsoin has been supporting the eight pre-selected groups in the regions, carrying out resource and information work with regional players from all over the music industry and coordinating the arrival of Rhône-Alpes professionals at the Printemps de Bourges festival (near 100 professionals per year).